Customer Testimonials in El Paso, TX

"This contractor was quick in responding to the needs of it’s customer. They were highly recommended by a (trusted) friend. The service was professional and to the best of my knowledge they were straight forward wth me. This contractor is Veteran oriented/friendly (being a Veteran myself) and this completed my decision. Job well done."

- Delia, TX

"I have dealt with many construction worker, plumbers, electricians and landscapers and have found them to be very unprofessional worker. Cussing, drinking while working and very dirty workers. But I had the most unexpected pleasure of dealing with not only courteous men but also very clean and organized. The team that was out side installing my refrigerated air were very clean and professional. Saying yes sir, no sir, thank you and even had great conversions with them. This team for AAA was a A-team in my book. They explained my thermostat and was clearly on top of every step of the install. Thank you George, Luis, Steven, Carlos and all the great cohorts at AAA for a job well done!"

- Alberto D. El Paso, TX

I would highly recommend this company to everyone that is interested in refrigerated cooling. The price and service was amazing. Everyone is very professional and knowledgeable. They made the installation seamlessly. My family was very surprised how quickly the whole process was completed. One of the best experience."

- Aurora A. El Paso, TX